The Classic Furniture – How to Spot the Antique

Over recent decades a huge rise in kitsch and cheap furniture has resulted in an influx of everything from completely modern to extremely vintage. However, while this is undoubtedly a good thing, a huge number of people are either simply unaware or simply don’t care what the antique status of their furniture really is.

So what exactly defines classic furniture anyway? Well there are actually three different types of furniture that are commonly known as antique furniture. The first is furniture that was manufactured in the early nineteenth century and is quite often regarded as being of high quality and therefore worthy of a pretty penny. The second type is furniture that has been produced in the last hundred years or so and therefore still looks relatively new, although this kind of furniture is no longer being produced.

Of course, not only can you find antique furniture in your home – there are literally thousands upon thousands of pieces of furniture in museums across the world – but there are also some very unique pieces of furniture that have been produced in recent times. The third type of furniture is very much a mixed bag. If you look on any antique showroom, you’ll see items being sold by all sorts of people who claim that they have bought them at massively reduced prices!

So when exactly should you take the time to get yourself a few pieces of antique furniture in order to decorate your home? Well the most obvious point to make here is that antique furniture is much more affordable than modern furniture, especially if you choose to get it custom-made rather than buying off the shelf.

However, if you’re looking for antique furniture for any other reason, the advice to follow here is much the same as it is if you’re shopping for modern furniture. Keep the original condition of the piece and ensure that the paintwork is intact as well. You will be amazed at how much difference a little restoration can make to a piece of classic furniture.

Also, remember to check the wood and make sure that the joints are smooth and perfectly finished as well as the screws. Antique furniture is a very unique piece of furniture, so it’s always best to be absolutely certain about the quality of the material being used before you buy.

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