How to Check Google Ranking For Keyword?

In order to check google ranking for keyword, many free and paid resources are available to check Google rank for a keyword in search engines. The usage of these tools can give you some valuable insights into the search ranking trends of your site pages and assist you to tweak your SEO strategies accordingly. But it must be kept in mind that while using any of these tools to check Google rank for keywords; do not abuse the privilege, as this can lead to your banning from Google indexing.

If you check google ranking for a keyword, you can get a lot of information about keyword ranking from various Google webmaster tools. This is an important step to check Google rank for keywords if you want to rank high on major search engines such as Google, MSN Bing, etc. The Google Webmaster Tools gives you a glimpse of the keyword popularity for a particular keyword over a given period of time. The Google Keyword Tool is another useful tool that is widely used by internet marketers to check Google rank for a keyword. But there are many other more tools such as the Overture keyword tool, Word Tracker, and much more available in the market that can give you adequate data to check google rank for keywords.

There are many websites offering check Google rank for a keyword, but most of them are not accurate. You may also check the competitor’s website to check their keyword ranking for the keyword. The only problem with this approach is that you have to check each of your competitors’ websites. And in many cases, you may not be able to extract the best practices from them. Therefore it may not be appropriate to check Google rank for keyword manually.

You can also check the sitemap of any website to check Google rank for a keyword. But remember that it is quite difficult to check the website sitemap. And if you check Google sitemap then it may not provide you enough information about the page rank. If you check any website manually for checking Google rank for a keyword then you may miss some of the relevant pages and hence there is a possibility of missing relevant keywords. It is recommended to check any site which offers check Google rank for a keyword and also offers a free service for keyword check. If the site does offer this facility then it will be easy to check its page rank for the keyword in its daily routine.

If you check any website manually for checking Google rank for a keyword then it may fail you completely if you don’t check it daily. The daily check of any website for checking Google rank for a keyword is quite challenging. You need to check various aspects of the check website such as its domain name, title, heading, meta-tags, header, etc. For any website which has more than one page, then you have to check it in more than one way.

If you want to check Google page ranking for the keyword then you need to know that each and every page is not ranked on its own. The Google algorithm gives priority to the home page of the website, which is located on the first page of any search result. Hence, you need to check the website in various different ways to check its overall page ranking.

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