Google Rank Checker Tool – Will it Work For You?

Google Position Check is one of the most important tools that you should consider using on your website for increased online exposure. In fact, if you do not have it, you are literally leaving money on the table. With that said, what is Google Position Check? You may be asking yourself that question.

Google Position Check is an effective keyword tool which analyzes the competition level for particular keywords. In short, these tools are utilized to locate Google ranking and not just rankings for your chosen keywords. Using Google Position Check, you can easily track your keyword’s attracting you targeted visitors, and then there is another additional hack. These tools can often help you perform a competitive analysis as well as acting as an analytical tool to monitor your Google rankings.

If you have heard of this popular keyword analyzer tool, you may wonder exactly how it works. The way google position check tool works is through the use of an advanced Google keyword tool known as Google Serp. Serp is actually a program built by Google for use on their server.

What you can do with Google Serp is actually access the source code of the Google database. Once you have gotten into the database, you will be able to view all of the keyword data associated with that particular Google service, including all of the competitor’s data. So, once you find the URL where the URL is hosted you will be able to go directly there to get the information that you require. But wait! Before you jump out there and start trying to utilize Google’s keyword position checker tool, let me tell you just why you would want to use Google Serp instead.

First of all, if you do use Google’s position checker tool, one important thing that you need to know is that using this particular software tool to try to increase your website traffic is actually against their terms of service. Yes, Google, like most other search engine results pages, updates its databases on a regular basis. Each time a new year comes around, it makes certain changes to its algorithms in an effort to provide better service to its customers.

One of those changes was the introduction of a new feature called Google Universal Searches, which is meant to replace the current Google Places service. Now, whenever someone searches for a given set of keywords (such as “home improvement”, “seo”, or “plumbing”) instead of searching for the exact keyword that the searcher searched for just last year, you’ll now see an update on your Google rank page showing you how many sites are ranked for that specific set of keywords. So, now when someone searches for those same keywords, they will be shown the sites that have risen in their position in the SERPS based on their own personal data (such as backlinks and other data points).

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